On the strength of its disciplinary homogeneity and, at the same time, of its plurality of competences, the Section promotes at both national and international levels, studies, specialized research projects and cultural initiatives. These are divided in a wide spectrum of thematic areas of both historical and theoretical nature, namely aesthetics, philosophy of science, moral philosophy and bioethics, political philosophy, theoretical philosophy and epistemology, logic and philosophy of logic, the history of ancient, medieval, Renaissance, modern and contemporary philosophy.


The research is also characterized by a marked interdisciplinary perspective, with significant links to other areas of the human and social sciences as well as fields related to mathematics, physics, computer science and biology. Individual lecturers and research groups working in the section are coordinators (within national and/or local units) of Italian (PRIN, PON) and European research projects, and have long been involved in successful scientific collaborations at an international level with universities and research centres both in Europe (Paris, Madrid, Bern, Berlin, Konstanz, Jena, Weimar, Helsinki) and outside the European Union (Pittsburgh, University of California).


With its researchers and professors, the section provides:


A number of scientific-philosophical journals, nationally and internationally acknowledged, are directed and/or coordinated by professors and researchers working in the section.


The following Research Units are associated with the Section:

  • Foundations and Ethics of Life Science and Science of Mind (FESVEM);
  • Aesthetic practices, anthropological transformations, contemporary scenarios (PTS)
  • Qualitative Ontology and Technology (Qua-Onto-Tech).  


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