Foundations and Ethics of Life Science and Science of Mind (FESVEM)

The Research Unit aims to study the foundations and ethics of life science and the science of the mind. Its general aim is to deepen, both theoretically and historically, topics that have always been typical of philosophical reflection about biomedical and psychological sciences, such as the concept of person, the concept of mind, the normative foundations of action, the distinction and relationship between understating and explaining, and between reasons and causes. It also aims to study the ethical, social, and political implications raised by new biotechnologies and frontier research in life sciences.

The Research Unit is committed to conducting research and experimental activities held in Pistoia at the UNISER University Center and at the Experimental Plant Center ( It pursues a cross- and inter-disciplinary research, especially regarding problems that deal with topics such as “sustainable development”, environmental risk, health risk, and life quality. 


Scientific coordinator: Matteo Galletti

Research unit members:

External Members:

  • Matteo Borri
  • Stefano Canali
  • Yamina Oudai Celso
  • Margherita Di Stasio
  • Marco Filoni
  • Stefania Lio
  • Sergio Luzzi
  • Marzia Michelizza
  • Alessandra Morini
  • Alessandro Pagnini
  • Patrizia Pedrini
  • Alain Touwaide
  • Sergio Vitale


Reports about the activities: every three years.

The Research Unit is financially supported by UNISER (Pistoia).  


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