The PER DANTE research unit has been formed by DILEF (University of Florence Department of Humanities) in collaboration with the Accademia della Crusca (institute for research on the Italian language) and the CNR (National Research Council) Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (institute for the development of a historical dictionary of the Italian language).

The aim of the research unit is to study Dante’s oeuvre from a linguistic, philological and interpretative point of view, with particular attention to the Comedy, its textual and exegetic tradition and the role that the poem has played in the field of Italian and European linguistic and cultural history.

The research unit is a fulcrum stimulating interdisciplinary partnerships useful for the advancement of the studies in question, also promoting the development of projects and the creation of partnerships with other public and private institutions that work towards similar ends. It has given a substantial scientific contribution to the 2021 celebrations for the seven hundredth anniversary of the poet’s death, in particular for those events which will be held in Florence.

The research unit, through its academic coordinator Paola Manni and post-doctoral researcher Barbara Fanini, is a partner in the creation of the Vocabolario Dantesco (VD) dictionary of Dantesque vocabulary organized by the Accademia della Crusca and the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano, which can be consulted online at the address The aim of the dictionary is to offer an innovative and updated tool which, in light of the most modern philological and linguistic acquisitions and the most recent analysis tools, enables in-depth investigation of Dante’s lexicon in relation to the language of his time, of previous and subsequent generations, and of the Latin and Romance tradition. The methodology used, which combines the most traditional aspect of lexicons with a dynamic and modular interface, and the search systems provided, enabling a variety of questions (from simple to very advanced), make the tool suitable for a variety of uses, satisfying both the requirements of the most expert reader interested in linguistic and philological investigation, and of a vaster Italian and foreign public.

The research unit, through the organization and coordination of Luca Azzetta, supports the “Seminars of Dantesque Philology”. Over three years, these seminars intend to promote the investigation of manuscripts, copyists, miniaturists, etc. of particular importance for knowledge of the figure and oeuvre of Dante, with particular attention to the history of the tradition and reception of his works. The seminars are designed as dialogues between scholars from different disciplines: philology, linguistics, palaeography, history of art and literature, following a methodology that highlights collaboration and complementarity between different fields of study.


Scientific coordinator: Paola Manni

Research Unit Members:

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