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The LABLITA Research Unit is aimed at building, studying and processing of Italian and multilanguage linguistic resources, with particular regard to spoken corpora and lexical databases.

Its general objectives are the development of national and European project, the scientific collaboration with public and private institutions, including technology transfer contracts with private companies and third parties, with a specific focus on the ITC sectors.

The scientific activity of the LABLITA Research Unit regards the theoretical study of spoken language and the semantics of Natural Language, and the development of linguistic resources and technology for NLP and communication.

LABLITA is involved in the following activities: research project development, technology transfer, patenting, building of linguistic resources, conference and workshop organization, scientific publications, development of international relations within the cooperation programs of UNIFI, didactic activity within the PhD course in Philology, Italian Literature and Linguistics.

Among the most recent projects of LABLITA:

  • MODELACT project (2013-2017) – “Modeling the Ontology of Action”, funded by MIUR program “Futuro in Ricerca 2012”;
  • IMAGACT4ALL (2016-2018), “Extending the IMAGACT ontology of Action to Nordic, Slavic and Indian languages”;
  • IMAGACT‐MED (2017-2019) - Regione Toscana FAS‐SALUTE Program;
  • Technology transfer and research contracts with private companies for the development of a linguistic software for the identification of syntactic and textual phenomena in the professional writing.


Scientific coordinator: Massimo Moneglia

Research unit members:

Post-doc and PhD Students:





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