The goal of the research unit is to set up projects and training activities in the field of logic and computational thinking, as mainly referred to the structure of language, computation and communication. 

The unit also serves as consultant in - and provides support to -- projects and activities by third parties, that involve the development of logical skills, both directly, and indirectly. LogLab has a record of scientific collaborations with both public institutions and private companies, with which it sets up agreements and conventions about technology transfer in its research field. 

The unit supplies its own activity by deploying its members for the purposes of outer projects. It also plays the role of a connecting node in a network of different realities such as schools, universities, private companies and public institutions, by coordinating projects and resources,  and by distributing the required skills. 

The built-up of the research unit itself is the natural consequence of the role played by its members in a variety of training activities at University of Florence,  which are oriented towards prospective students and are concretely witnessed: 

  1. by the project “Dialogare” on the development of logical skills, supported by the Italian Ministry of University and Research - MIUR;
  2. by the setting up of the Master program in Logic, Philosophy and History of Science since the early 2000’s;
  3. by a long tradition of research studies in logic and epistemology at the former Dept. of Philosophy, now fully hosted and integrated in the new department DILEF.


Scientific Coordinator: Andrea Cantini

Research Unit Members:

 External Members:


Seminars and Events

In addition to conferences and workshops, LOG-LAB hosts a permanent Seminar on Logic and Philosophy of Science. In the old times, meetings used to take place in room 5 at the former location of the Department of Literature and Philosophy, “Il Pellegrino”, each Friday morning at 11:00 am. This gave the seminar the nickname by means of which it is colloquially referred to up to nowadays.
Usual speakers are well known scientists, international researchers or even doctoral students presenting their researches or discussing some important theoretical or philosophical topics.
The Friday Seminar takes its origins from the meetings held at “Il Pellegrino” under the guidance of Ettore Casari, and has hosted very famous logicians and philosophers. Among others, the list of its distinguished guests includes: W.v.O. Quine, B. Van Fraassen, S. French, P. Martin-Loef, H. Schwichtenberg, W. Pohlers, S. Feferman, G. Jaeger, M. Rathjen, H. Ono, J.Y. Girard, D. Prawitz, P. Horwich, V. Halbach, D. Isaacson, P. Schuster.

A second seminar coordinated by LOG-LAB in collaboration with the Department of Physics takes place, usually on Friday afternoon, at the Aula Magna, Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Polo Scientifico, via Giovanni Sansone 1 – Sesto Fiorentino (FI). 


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