First Cycle (Bachelor) Degree in Language and Literature Studies

Degree code L-10


The course is divided into two curricula: Modern and Ancient.

Its specific objective is to produce a graduate who is fully aware of the historical and civil role that Italian language, literature and classical tradition have played in national history.

The student will acquire a broad knowledge of texts, authors, schools of thought and the essential elements of philology, linguistics and literary theory and will be able to use them in the world of work or to prepare for a further course of study.

At the end of the course, the Literature graduate will have basic computer skills and foreign language competence at B2 level (certificates issued by competent institutes will be recognized or specific courses will be provided at the University Language Centre).

This course supplies the credits necessary for the initial training of middle and secondary school teachers, allowing them access to the work placement training required by law after obtaining a suitable master's degree.


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