Second Cycle Degree in Practices, Languages and Culture of Communication


Degree code LM-92


The master's degree course in Practices, Languages and Culture of Communication (until the A.Y. 2021-2022 Theories of Communication) aims to provide knowledge and skills capable of provide students to theoretical and professional know-how in all sectors of communication that - especially today - represents a decisive strategic terrain of our economic, social and political life.

The solidity of the study process and its openly multidisciplinary profile (from the sociology of cultural processes to linguistics, from philosophical to pedagogical-formative knowledge) aim to train experts in communication processes able to look beyond the most ephemeral trends and to face changes in market strategy. Also for this reason the degree course is particularly attentive to the virtuous intertwining between educational communication and communication training.

The skills to be acquired in the conception and implementation of models of integration between educational knowledge and communication are therefore considered essential for anyone who aspires to be professionally active in the field of communication.


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