PhD in Philosophy

The joint Florence/Pisa PhD programme in Philosophy has four curricula: 

  • History of Philosophy;
  • Logic, Philosophy and History of Science;
  • Ethics, Politics and Religions;
  • Theoretical Philosophy, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Language.

The general formative target of the doctorate is to initiate high-level philosophical research, in line with the liveliest directions of current international research. The organization in course curricula addresses this need in an optimal way. The aim of the Doctorate is the training of scholars who, moving from a basic competence in all the branches of the philosophical disciplines, will provide innovative and original contributions in one or more specific areas of the latter, being at the same time able to identify and deepen the points of connection and interaction of contemporary philosophical debate both with the disciplines of the artistic-literary, humanistic and historical-social area, and with those in the area of mathematical, physical and natural sciences.


The programme is administratively based in Pisa.

Detailed information on the PhD in Philosophy website (Florence site)

Detailed information on the PhD in Philosophy website (Pisa site)


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