Digital Humanities Laboratory

The DILEF's Digital Humanities Laboratory, namely information technology applied to the study of the humanities, is a centre of expertise and services that will enhance research in all the scientific areas of DILEF having common ground in the study and computation/elaboration of texts. 


The Laboratory is based on the humanities-computing skills present in DILEF, whose teachers have conducted the LM 43/LS 24 (Information technology for humanities) in UNIFI until 2010, and on the research and projects of humanistic computing developed by LABLITA, the Palazzeschi Centre, and by teachers involved in PRIN and FIRB projects, as well as in collaboration with the Accademia della Crusca.The Laboratory is directed by a Scientific Committee that manages the development and sets the policies for allocating resources.


The Laboratory, open to the needs of the other UNIFI departments, has the following objectives:

  • making  computer infrastructures available to research and teaching at an advanced level to enable the processing, storage, publication and online dissemination of humanistic content that is the subject of research in disciplines involved in the project;
  • design and implement advanced IT tools for the international community;
  • create an open access platform for publication of digital journals and series;
  • consolidate participation of each field in competitive calls and opportunities, with special regard to programmes dedicated to young researchers (FIRB, ERC, Marie Curie);
  • support training activities in the paths of excellence included in the project, to constitute the reference structure for doctoral research, in particular of the new curriculum of Digital Humanities of the PhD in Philology, Italian Literature, Linguistics;
  • carry out public engagement activities through the website and coordinate events for citizens.


 Access to the Laboratory allows:

  • using the internal equipment;
  • connecting to remote servers for the management and the storage of resouces
  • using the HPC cluster of UNIFI.


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