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International Cooperation Agreements

International Cooperation Agreements aim to encourage direct cooperation between institutions of higher learning in different countries and to promote the reciprocal exchange of teaching staff, researchers, students and technical and administrative staff.


List of partnerships with the Department of Humanities and University of Florence (in Italian)







Albania Scutari University of Shkodra / Università di Scutari Simone Magherini in itinere  
Albania University "Eqrem Çabej" of Gjrokastra Maria Rita Manzini 26/04/2017  25/04/2024
Australia University of Sydney Alessandro Panunzi 20/05/2019 19/05/2024 
Brasile Universidade Brasilia Maria Rita Manzini 22/07/2014 22/07/2019
Brasile Universidade Minas Gerais Federal Massimo Moneglia 25/07/2017  24/07/2024
Brasile Universidade Sao Paulo Simone Magherini  12/06/2019  11/06/2026 
Cina Qingdao Technological University Simone Magherini 01/03/2016  01/03/2023 
Cina University of Macau Michela Graziani 11/07/2018 11/07/2024
Cina  Renmin University of China Massimo Moneglia 03/12/2015  03/12/2022 
Corea del Sud Korea University Andrea Mecacci 14/01/2019 14/01/2024
Croazia University of Zadar Andrea Mecacci 08/06/2017 08/06/2024
Francia Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon Mario Alberto Labate e Michela Landi 19/01/2016 19/01/2023
Francia Université de Lille  - Sciences humaines et sociales Mario Alberto Labate 19/09/2017 19/09/2022
Germania Universität Konstanz Simone Magherini 04/06/2014 04/06/2021
Giappone Kanazawa University Fabrizio Desideri 21/01/2016 21/01/2023
Giappone Kansai University Maria Rita Manzini 09/01/2019 09/01/2024
Giappone Tohoku University Anna Nozzoli 03/02/2015 03/02/2020
Messico Universidad Internacional de Cuernavaca Andrea Mecacci 25/10/2018 25/10/2025
Paesi Bassi Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Alessandro Panunzi 23/12/2020  23/12/2027 
Romania Bucarest University Maria Rita Manzini in itinere  
Russia Belgorod State National Research University Marco Biffi 13/05/2016 13/05/2023
Russia Lomonosov Moscow State University Serena Bianchetti 30/01/2017 29/01/2022
Spagna Universidad de Sevilla Serena Bianchetti 07/04/2016 06/04/2023 
Stati Uniti College of the Holy Cross (Massachusetts)  Simone Magherini 14/10/2013 14/10/2023 
Stati Uniti University Columbia in the City of New York Simone Magherini 23/10/2014  23/10/2019
Stati Uniti University Fairfield Alessandro Panunzi 10/11/2014  10/11/2021
Stati Uniti Smith College Maria Rita Manzini 20/10/2014 19/10/2021
Stati Uniti University Syracuse, NY Simone Magherini 30/05/2017 29/05/2024
Svizzera Universität Basel Massimo Moneglia 01/10/2015 01/10/2022
Svizzera Université Lausanne Mario Alberto Labate 21/10/2014 21/10/2021
Ungheria Budapest University Eotvos Lorand Marco Biffi 22/01/2018 22/01/2025
Vietnam Hanoi University Alessandro Panunzi 29/05/2018 29/05/2025



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