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Visiting Professors

The Department of Humanities welcomes and recognizes the role of Visiting Professors in furthering the University’s cultural and scientific internationalisation. For this purpose, it promotes the visit of highly qualified professors, researchers and scholars, belonging to foreign universities, research or higher education institutions.
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University of Florence Internationalization Plan

Visiting Professor: Andrew Benjamin
Affiliation: University of Technology Sydney, School of Architecture; Kingston University London, School of Arts, Culture and Communication
Period: 28/03/2020-28/06/2020
Visiting Professor: Damien Patrick Nelis
Period: 29/10/2019-29/11/2019
Visiting Professor: Tarja Knuuttila
Period: 15/09/2019-15/11/2019
Program (pdf)
Visiting Professor: Anja Wolkenhauer  
Period: 15/09/2019-15/10/2019
Visiting Professor: Matthias Heinz
Affiliation: Universität Salzburg
Period: April 2019 
Program (pdf)
Visiting Professor: Anna Roussou
Period: November 2018 
Program (pdf)
Visiting Professor: Ralf Behrwald
Affiliation: Universität Bayreuth/Alte Geschichte-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Period: November 2018
Program (pdf)
Visiting Professor: James Hankins
Period: June 2017
Program (pdf)
Visiting Professor: Martha Palmer
Affiliation: University of Colorado Boulder/Departments of Linguistics & Computer Science
Period: May-June 2017
Visiting Professor: Girish Nath Jha
Affiliation: Jawaharlal Nehru University of New Delhi/Center of Linguistics, School of Language Literature & Culture Studies
Period: June 2016
Visiting Professor: Michela Massimi
Affiliation: University of Edinburgh/School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences
Period: April 2016



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