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International Research Networks

 Réseau de recherche et de formation à la recherche «Poésie augustéenne» (website)

The Augustan Poetry network is an international network of research and research training, launched in 1998, which brings together 11 European Universities: Cambridge, Dublin, Florence, Geneva, Heidelberg, Lille 3, London, Oxford, Roma La Sapienza, the Scuola Normale of Pisa and Udine.


Two kinds of activities are undertaken:

  • the organisation of seminars rotating between the partner universities of the network;
  • the maintenance of a website dedicated to promoting contacts and exchanges between researchers, postgraduates and students.


The electronic Journal of Latin poetics Dictynna was created in 2004 in connection with the Augustan Poetry network. It publishes papers on Latin literature and its reception after expertise by two or three reviewers. Dictynna has been classified A by the ANVUR in February 2014.


Scientific Representative for University of Florence: Mario Alberto Labate


 Réseau Thématique Plutarque

The Réseau Thématique Plutarque is an international network of research and higher education, affiliated with The International Plutarch Society, involving eight European universities: Madrid Complutense, Malaga, Coimbra, Paris X, Leuven, Groningen, Salerno, Firenze.


Its main scopes are:

  • enhancing knowledge exchange and collaboration among the numerous scholars dealing with Plutarch's Lives and Moralia in an editorial, philological, literary, historical or philosophical perspective;
  • promoting international conferences, whose proceedings are published in prestigious scholarly venues, devoted from time to time to either a specific theme or feature in the multifaceted corpus of Plutarch's works or Plutarch's reception and afterlife (ancient, medieval and modern).


Scientific Representative for University of Florence: Enrico Magnelli




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