Student Administration Office

Admissions and enrolments | Fees and charges | Transfers | Academic career suspensions | Issue of certificates

via Gino Capponi, 9 - 50121 - Firenze

Access to the desk is by queue number. You can reserve your turn also by using the app Ufirst.

It is also possible to be received outside of office hours by making an appointment. To do so, please send a mail from your (AT) email address detailing the nature of your request to the following address: lettere(AT) (for Humanities courses)

Post-Graduate Programmes

via Gino Capponi, 9 - 50121 Firenze

You can call at the following numbers:

  • Board Examinations and Teachers Training - ph. 055 275 6735 Hours: Mon and Fri  9 am - 12 noon
  • Advanced Training Courses and Continuing Education and Master Courses - ph. 055 275 6726 - 055 275 6737 - 055 275 6738 - 055 275 6739 Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri  9 am - 12 noon 

or you can write from your address stating the nature of your request and staff will fix an appointment either in person, phone or Meet from Monday to Thursday   9.30 am to 12 noon.

  • Board Examinations: esamidistato(AT)
  • Advanced Training Courses and Continuing Education: perfezionamenti(AT)
  • Master Courses: master(AT)
  • Specialisation Schools: scuoledispecializzazione(AT)
  • Teachers Training: formazioneinsegnanti(AT)

International Desk

University Directory  

Department of Humanities

via della Pergola 60 - 50121 Firenze (FI)
Ph.: +0039 055 2756200

e-mail: frontoffice.orbatello(AT)


Italian certified email (Posta elettronica certificata, PEC): letterefilosofia(AT)



Pierluigi Minari

Ph.: +0039 055 2756254

e-mail: direttore(AT)


Administrative Department Manager

Annalisa Magherini

Ph.: +0039 055 2756202

e-mail: annalisa.magherini(AT)

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