Center for Historical and Theoretical Linguistics: Italian, European Languages, Oriental Languages (CLIEO)

CLIEO is based on the aggregation of various Florentine linguistics institutions into a single centre of research and advanced training: Accademia della Crusca, University of Florence (first Department of Italian Studies, Department of Studies on the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Department of Linguistics, Interuniversity Centre of Geoparemiology; then DILEF and Department of SAGAS), Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI, CNR Institute) and Institute of Theory and Techniques of Legal Information (ITTIG, CNR Institute).
The centre promotes theoretical, historical and descriptive linguistic research on Italian, Italian dialects, other European languages and Eastern languages. The studies are both specifically dedicated to individual languages - or homogeneous groups of languages - as well as transversal. The latter deals with different languages and linguistic groups, grammatical and lexical phenomena across a broad spectrum synchronically and diachronically, together with past and present metalinguistic reflections. The practical applications of this research are attended to judiciously, as it has particularly relevant repercussions not only in the educational field, but also in various productive sectors, from publishing and IT to the language industry.
From an educational perspective, the centre’s pursuits are at the doctoral or post-doctoral level. The structure also organizes specialization courses and some national and international research projects involving young scholars through research grants.

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