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“Aldo Palazzeschi” Study Centre

Created to preserve and enhance the archival materials left by the writer to the University of Florence in his will, to promote knowledge of his work in Italy and abroad and encourage research and critical reflection on Italian literature through publishing and the awarding of research grants.


The Aldo Palazzeschi Study Centre (website) is home to the Fondo Palazzeschi, a collection of books and papers left by the writer to the University of Florence in his will. The book part of the collection (volumes and part of the journals) is kept at the Biblioteca Umanistica (seat of Literature, Piazza Brunelleschi); the manuscripts, letters and iconographic material can be found at the Study Centre. These materials, integrated over the years with new archival and documentary acquisitions, have been digitised (Digital Archive of the Palazzeschi Collection) and are available online at the Writer's Papers online: manuscript archives and digital libraries of modern Italian literature website (


last update: 12-Dec-2019
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