Seminario di Logica e Filosofia della Scienza Anno 2020


Mercoledì, 9 dicembre 2020 ore 15:00

Lorenzo Rossi (MCMP, München), Riccardo Bruni (DILEF, Firenze)

Truth meets vagueness. Unifying the semantic and soritical paradoxes

Abstract: Semantic and soritical paradoxes display remarkable family resemblances. For one thing, several non-classical logics have been (independently) applied to both kinds of paradoxes. For another, revenge paradoxes and higher-order vagueness—among the most important problems targeting solutions to semantic and soritical paradoxes, respectively—exhibit a rather similar dynamics. Some authors have taken these facts to suggest that truth and vagueness require a unified logical framework, or perhaps that the truth predicate is itself vague. However, a common core of semantic and soritical paradoxes has not been identified yet, and no explanation of their relationships has been provided. Here we aim at filling this lacuna, in the framework of manyvalued logics. We provide a unified diagnosis of semantic and soritical paradoxes, identifying their source in a general form of indiscernibility. We then develop our diagnosis into a theory of paradoxicality, which formalizes both semantic and soritical paradoxes as arguments involving specific instances of our generalized indiscernibility principle, and correctly predicts which logics can non-trivially solve them.

mercoledì 11 novembre 2020, ore 14.30


Cristina Da Rold (giornalista freelance)

Se mostrare che è falso non basta. Fare la giornalista scientifica in tempo di Covid


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